Dr. Komal Smriti

My Professional career started in Year 2001 with teaching and two years later it brought me to the Corporate world. Being a coach is like coming back to the classroom. The classroom of life. What brought me to coaching is:
my quest for continuous learning;
my habit of sharing what I learn;
and my ability to make personal connect where people feel safe and trusting to open up.

If it is not for the sense of service to my children, what makes me get up every morning is the sheer curiosity to know what a new day shall bring.

I am a person of so many interests that life seems too short a time to do everything. In my alternate realities, I could have been a dancer, chef, writer, traveler, designer, teacher or just a nomad. So, I believe in doing everything that I can and have no regrets for what I could not do.”

Inspirations come to me from everywhere and anywhere.  I am absolutely blessed to have found my purpose. Nimitta is my humble attempt to share what I received with Love and Gratitude.

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