Life is what you make it

Let's be honest: If people were all more or less the same — if there were no differences in race, religion, sexual orientation, political leanings — life would in some ways be easier. But, boy, would it be dull! Diversity is the spice of life. Our ability to embrace diversity makes our own lives richer.

This book is reflection of Peter buffet’s life experiences and what a wonderful book it is! In every chapter, there are lines worth quoting and remembering. What I like most and that also explains the truth of being the son or daughter of a famous person is, “…all the head starts and connections in the world are not enough to ensure success if talent and passion are lacking.” 

This book is an absolute delightful read and present glimpses of the parenting ways of the author’s parents and attempts in breaking down the notion that being rich means being spoilt or entitled. More than the wealth of money, it is the wealth of wisdom that parents can pass on to their children and that will help them in their lives.  

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