Six Thinking Hats

It is not the logical part of thinking that changes emotions but the perceptual part. If we see something differently, our emotions may alter with the altered perception.

Simple yet powerful approach to the essential skill of thinking is what this book is about. Everything you want to learn about thinking as a skill set is explained in the book in the most interesting and practical way. This book is invigorating and inspiring. Introduction to the idea of lateral thinking instead of argument is a phenomenon capable of changing the way the world thinks and acts.

“The biggest enemy of thinking is complexity, for that leads to confusion. When thinking is clear and simple, it becomes more enjoyable and more effective.”

This book is not just to read but to practice and apply in your everyday life. There are many corporate that use the application of six thinking hats for the team trainings. Some Scandinavian countries even use this tool in school with the kindergarten level students to enhance their thinking abilities. That shows how simple yet powerful this book is. 

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