The Alchemist

It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

“…each of us has our personal legend to fulfil, and that is all. It doesn’t matter if other people support us or criticize us, or ignore us, or put up with us – we are doing it because that is our destiny on this earth, and the fount of all joy.”

The journey of Santiago will resonate with many and has resonated with many. That is why Paulo Coelho is such widely read and admired author. This was the first book of Paulo I read and instantly it became one of my all time favorites. It would not be exaggeration if I say this story is a classic. It reminds us that we have our greatest gifts in us all the time. However, to find them may take a longer journey through life and we need to travel far away from home to finally come back and know where home is.

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