The Body Keeps the Score

Social support is a biological necessity, not an option.

When you are not afraid of being hurt, you can know people differently.

Of all the books I have read till date, this is one of the most important book I have found and read. Written in the simplest and straightforward manner, this is the book for everybody. You do not need to be avid reader to be captured by this book. 

For me, the experience of reading this book has been cathartic, invigorating, and enlightening. Cathartic, as it made me take a journey down the lane of my trauma experiences and also gave me chance to look at them with new eyes, new ways and new resolve. I cried, took pauses, and allowed some healing to happen. Invigorating, because it showed me my inner strength and resilience, it re-affirmed my intuition and helped me bring out the reservoir of resources from within me. Reading through the book I felt like I am listening to myself over and over again, like somebody gets me and is saying exactly what I feel and think. I felt and lived a connection and have a sense of support. Enlightening, because there are eye opening data and information provided in the book that shows so clearly what our world needs the most? And there are practical, workable ways of creating spaces and systems that will help us manage the damaging impacts of traumatic events and also bring self awareness so we do not keep spreading more trauma. 

I would say that this book is for all people, parents, teachers, care givers, law makers, law enforcers, policy makers, HR practitioners, Corporate heads, Team leaders, whether you have experienced trauma, or not. There is much to learn about your own body, your own patterns, your own behavior and that too from a perspective that many would not have come across so far.

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