Cultural Coaching

All human are alike deep down yet so different in choices, expressions and beliefs. This is what is called the Cultural difference. As different societies, organizations, and nations we hold different set of beliefs, rituals, norms, languages, habits and values of life. A large part of how we perceive, learn, express comes from the cultural background we have. Therefore, in our interaction with the world, especially the part of world that is different from our native culture, it is important to have the skills of being:

  • Culturally Aware;
  • Able to manage through Culture Shock;
  • And Culturally Competent to Adapt to the change.

Coaching Spectrum

Personal Coaching

One on one interaction session with the coach.

Action Learning Workshop

Cultural Quotient (an interesting way to learn about new cultural experiences and learnings)

Discussion Forums/ Groups

Sharing of and listening to the ideas, experiences and stories with people with similar interest of life situations.

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