Human Experience?

This is one such question that changed my world upside down. Well, actually this is not as much a question as it is a quest. When Deepa said this statement for the first time to me, I liked and immediately made up my mind that I am a Spiritual being having Human experience. And I think probably most of us would answer the same if asked. But saying and believing a statement is way different from knowing and living it. And now, when I have come close to what it really means to be a “Spiritual being having Human experience”, my world is not the same anymore.

The power of truth is such that once you know it, nothing and absolutely nothing can deter you to think otherwise. Deep down in your being, you will change and look at the world with new eyes and contemplate with a new mind. You will define each word you ever read in your own ways and make a life as guided by the truth you know. And it will stop to matter or bother what the rest of the world knows or believes. You wouldn’t care to prove the truth to anyone. You would only share what you have seen and leave it to the imagination of the others to contemplate as per their vision. Share because that’s very basic to our being…Spiritual being. Because we are all part of a common conscious, sharing is our very nature. This is truly us.

The world around us, the matter and the physical existence is like a maze, a playground, or a workshop designed to facilitate the human experience of the Spiritual beings. So, why do Spiritual beings need Human experience in the first place? There must be something so significant and so gracious about Human life that we get into this playground again and again. Look around and we can see everything that this world has which probably the Spiritual existence does not have. Spiritual existence is just that – existence, being, the greater knowledge. What it does not have is the ability of manifestation, of doing, of creation or destruction because manifestation is the characteristic of the physical world.

So we are, all the Spiritual beings, eternally connected with each other through a common conscious and knowledge. And we come to this physical world to have Human experience, experiences that are so diverse and unique. While we are in Human life, we are still spiritual in essence. But, the world and its experience try us, test us and take us as far away from our core that we might forget who we are and why we are here. That’s the mastery and artwork of this world. That’s how indulging this maze is. Like and interesting game, it makes us forget everything including ourselves. And we begin to play by the hands of the mastermind, who made such an incredible game. A game that evolve with every action and response. There are rules, but they change too and at times they change because we make them change because we exercise our free will, our conscious. At every level there are learning and choices of progressing to next levels, picking your own levels of the game. And that’s how it keeps going till we have either exhausted our life or achieved the objective. Some would play indulgingly and desperately; some would play smartly; some would play with awareness; some would like to overtake the game; and some would choose to stay out of the game and guard their being, like a child who has been told to not get the shirt dirty while playing (guess they miss all the fun).

The five elements, the five senses, emotions, logic, science, religion, art, language, these are all the basic construct of this game. Some bring you closer to your being and some are designed to take us farther. Based on our strength, we are given the difficulty levels and overpowering every challenge, we gain more strength. And when depart from this game; our spirits are stronger than when we entered the game. We are closer to the common conscious. And then, we might return with the new strength to the game, sometimes by compulsion and sometimes by choice and restart with new levels.

So we are all, connected yet forgotten and separated, indulged in our games, crossing pathsevery now and then, witnessing at times, supporting as well, loving, fighting, making-up, breaking down, creating and destroying, playing gods and devils, in light and in darkness, guiding or distracting, just playing our games, our parts. Like Shakespeare said, “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. Players or Actors who improvise because the scene changes way too quickly on this stage. And that’s how we make our stories, our journeys.

When we realise this truth, we do not see the world split in boundaries, regions, classes, colours, races, gender, languages, cultures, religion, knowledge, and whatever else is distinguishing in this world. We learn to see another spiritual being having his/ her human experiences. We learn truly the meaning of Humanity (Human Unity). And yet again, we change the game with our awareness and consciousness.