An important word in dictionary that I got to know primarily of theatre training. It means “to make, compose, or perform spontaneously or without preparation” or “to produce or make something from whatever is available”.

I find this word most relevant in our lives. Whether we are aware of it or not, we all improvise almost every day in our lives. At times while fixing meals, or getting ready, or delivering presentation and many a times while answering the questions of our children.

Life seems to be a series of improvisations!

No matter how much you study or gather experience, the life situations will never be like a written script or story. You will always be thrown in a situation where you are faced with something entirely unexpected or un-thought of. Nothing in life can prepare you sufficiently for what comes in front of you the very next moment. You are only as better prepared as your spontaneous response.

And that is where you know who you really are?