Yesterday was a celebration, of Monsoon.

I missed my morning walk of 5:00 a.m. and slept a bit longer. Then I had to go to farmer’s market for the weekly vegetable shopping. The sky was overcast and it could rain anytime so I picked up the umbrella and left. I was half way through the shopping when it started to pour, heavy rain drops. And I rushed through buying all I could and drove back home.

I love rain, have always done since I was little child. So, when I reached home, instead of heading for kitchen, I headed out of the apartment block, in the rain to do my morning walk.

Oh! What fun it was. I splashed through each puddle of water and listened to the sound of splash. I saw the little water spirals forming on the wet road where each drop fell. And I was thinking to myself, “Am I the only sane person around. Who is out in the rain enjoying and welcoming the monsoon? It is Sunday and so perfects a day for everyone to be out in the rain. But no one was there! How insane it is to not go out and soak in the rain especially on a holiday.”

The child in me was enjoying every millisecond of every drop falling on me and was praying for more rain and heavy rain. I wanted to get soaked up till my bones, like we used to when we were young. And I remember my brother, my parental home, my hometown, the monsoon, the terrace of our house, our rain dance, the cold shiver down our spines and the warmth of the house when we would finally come inside. The temptation to eat Hot and crispy “chai-pakora” and the effort to actually make them and enjoy. I remember back then, it was perhaps this time only when we would have tea.

So, after my walk in the rain, Srjian and I went out for swimming while it was still drizzling. More splash splash and fun in the water!

The after swimming, we came back and guess what……made “chai-pakora” and relished, just like before, It was yesterday once more!

This Sunday celebration of rain made me realize two things…

  1. To celebrate, we need to be a child. There is no celebration without we tapping into our inner child and letting it come out and be. We all have that child inside us, we just forget to let it come out and show itself at the right time. The childhood may pass, but the child always stays inside. We become mature and elder, not to forget or leave behind the child, but to understand when and how we allow this child in us to come to forefront and when to take a backseat. The maturity is not in playing the elder all the time. It is in keeping the child alive and learning to protect it with the tender, love and care of a grown up. I wonder how we can love and protect the children of the world if we cannot love and protect the child within us?
  2. How little we celebrate life and its bounty, its blessings! We may jam pack the roads in the season of Diwali and Christmas, shop like crazy for gifts and tire ourselves out distributing gifts and greetings to our friends and family. But how little we really celebrate, really enjoy the festivals, the occasions that have been made in the first place to help us learn the meaning of celebration. Point is, if we just learn to celebrate ourselves and life, we do not need occasions, we do not need reasons. Then we would know that running out in the rain at impulse is the best celebration of nature’s blessings to us. We do not need new clothes, or plan a party, go anywhere, invite anyone, spend a penny….just be and enjoy, walk in the rain, dance in the rain…and when you are soaked till bones, relish some nice, homemade “chai-pakora”.

Celebrate, and the opportunities will come pouring across…