Today is a strange day. Something happened when I was downstairs for my evening walk. I met four lizards in a span of less than five minutes on the road.

When the first one was rushing towards road, just close to my foot it scurried back away in the dark. I said, “where are you coming dear. the road is not a safe place for you”. (yes, I literally spoke to the lizard)

A few steps ahead, I met the second lizard, rushing across the road. Thankfully, it was in the side, safe from any danger of getting trampled.

On the next turn, I met the third one. It wasn’t as lucky. It was just slowly limping away to the side of the road after its tail was run over by a passing car.

And then, just a few steps ahead, I saw another. Dead and crushed on the road by a car.

The sight of crushed and hurt lizards shook me. As if i could feel the pain and loss. I, who has always been scared of lizards since childhood and would scream and jump at the very sight of them, felt the pain for Lizards, the fear that they might be feeling living amidst a city where their existence is in constant danger.

I remember Papa used to tell me that I do not need to be scared of lizards because they are more scared than me. But I could never shake off my fear. Today, I wan’t the one afraid. I could somehow feel their fear, their hurt.

Since then I have been wondering as to why it happened? Why I met these four lizards today, like this? What it meant?


Is it to understand the fragility of all life? or is it to understand how some lives are the collateral damage in human progress?

And, now I realize what it meant?

It taught me what fear is, and what makes us human one of the most powerful and evolved of all species on planet?

Fear is a natural survival instinct in all living beings. It is to sharpen our senses and to keep us safe. Fear is something that is common in all living beings including human. Every being has the ability to be fearful, and to act for one’s survival. In fear, we are all alike. be it a lizard or a girl.

What makes us human more evolved is the ability to move beyond fear. To create something that is more powerful than fear that gives us the ability to combat fear and thrive. Our kindness, compassion and the ability to love is what evolves us.

We are not powerful when we conquer the world, create machines and instruments, build fortress and marvels, and accumulate money. We are most powerful when we love; when we connect with another being and the entire universe; when we feel the pain, shed a tear and still gather ourselves to move on and smile again. When each last hurt makes us stronger and fearless.

What can I say for the poor lizards, except I am not afraid anymore because I can feel your fear, your pain? I wish I could do something about it…