“Pyaar Kiya Nahi Jaata, Ho jaata hai…..”

Well, this is one of the romantic songs I grew up listening and liking. And after a long long time, I listened to this again and it brought back so much of fresh energy and a bright smile. It’s a lovely song from a beautiful movie “Who 7 din”. Those who have seen it would know it.

Now, while enjoying the song monkey mind started what it likes most….and I am thinking if the lyrics hold any good in our lives? Is it true? Is it really true that love happens?

Is it not possible that perhaps we are designing love in our lives? Can it not be that we are making ourselves fall in love?

Why these questions occur to me is because when I look around and inside, I find that it is true that in all our education, learning and growing up process we have learnt the ideas of various things including Love. We have adopted, imbibed, created and imagined certain ideas of love and falling in love. Thanks to stories of Laila-majnu, sohni-mahiwal, heer-ranjha, sassi-punnu, romeo-juliet, and millions billions trillions of other tales and films and gossip stories about love.

It’s said that nothing moves the world like Love. And I believe it is equally true that nothing confuses the world like the idea of love.

Just like earning money, we have our own dreams and plans and sometimes strategies too for having love in our life. Like our dresses and homes, we so like to design Love in our lives too and adorn it like a precious jewel or piece of decoration. Something so dear and expensive that we would like to keep it safe in the vaults of our heart and share it only with much discretion. And then, we complain incessantly about having little love in our lives. What do we expect?

Love is as natural to human being as is living, being alive. We certainly have no dearth of it in our lives and in the world. But we just do not see, do not feel, do not recognise when it touches us gently. Because we are too busy designing and contemplating our ideas. That some Raj or Prem will come in a perfect setting and will say the perfect thing. And completely ignore the Satyaprakash or Dheeraj who is ushering all the love and compassion on us. It’s equally true for the Simrans and Senoritas as well. The notions and follies that you can only love someone who looks like this or talks like that or walks like that or eats this or drives this car or works in this set-up or lives there or shops there or comes from such family or …..its endless.

Perhaps the ideas of love are as enormous as love itself.

We are not ready to accept that love could be like a lightning bolt. You can never plan when it falls on you. Or maybe I am wrong. Some genius might even be able to devise a plan of getting struck by lightning. We humans are nothing less than god.

Hence, the confusion persists.