Relationship Coaching

Seeking happiness, love, care and intimacy is basic requirement of being human. An ideal relationship would enhance the physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of people and help them achieve their best.

In the present times, relationships are getting tested and tried severely by the challenges that prior generations would not have come face to face with. Changes in role dynamics; power struggles; personal and family values; lack of role models; limiting beliefs and wrong assumptions; and lack of existential skills is leading to disintegrating relationships and growing stress and chaos in the society. To an extent that the social institutions like marriage and family are loosing its significance in the lives of the younger generations. The impact is showing in the form of emotional aberrations; solitude; physical and psychological abuse; lack of confidence; rising stress and several other forms of addictions. 

Relationship Coaching focuses on:

  • Raising awareness and appreciation of relationships in our lives.
  • Bringing consciousness in managing self in a relationship.

Coaching Spectrum

Personal Coaching

One on one interaction session with the coach.

Action Learning Workshop

Conscious Connect (explore your way to connect with the people and world outside of you; Learn the ways of making conscious connections)

Discussion Forums/ Groups

Sharing of and listening to the ideas, experiences and stories with people with similar interest of life situations.

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