All human are alike deep down yet so different in our choices, expressions and beliefs. This is what is called the Cultural difference. As different societies, organizations, and nations we hold different set of beliefs, rituals, norms, languages, habits and values of life. A large part of how we perceive, learn, express comes from the cultural background we have. Therefore, in our interaction with the world, especially the part of world that is different from our native culture, it is important to have the skills of being….

Seeking happiness, love, care and intimacy is basic requirement of being human. An ideal relationship would enhance the physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of people and help them achieve their best.

In the present times, relationships are getting tested and tried severely by the challenges that prior generations would not have come face to face with. Changes in role dynamics; power struggles; personal and family values; lack of role models;…..

Change is the only constant in life and so is the uncertainty that comes with the fact that we have little control over how the change is going to manifest. We can not manage the change. We can manage ourselves during the transitional phase of the change. And in order to better manage ourselves, we need to first know who we are, what are our capabilities, talents, strengths, weaknesses. We need to learn to manage how we work and how we can be our best versions….

Living a productive life is key to human health and happiness. It opens up the gateway to an abundant life where one can enjoy all that is good and accomplish every goal. While the companies and organizations emphasise a lot on enhancing productivity and reducing wastage of all kinds, a little is thought of in terms of productivity in individual capacity.