The Love of Positive

We have heard more often, “Be Positive” think good, visualize good and positive; as a mantra for happiness and achieving the balance in life.

However, this is just half the work done…rest half lies in managing the Negative. The negative thoughts, ideas, feelings might be totally undesirable, but they hold equal possibility. In fact, the human mind is wired to catch the negative thoughts more and without any effort. Therefore, it is a task to move towards positive and train the mind to bring hope than despair.

Before we jump on the positive train to leave the station of Negative, it is important to know that both negative and positive are the possibilities and move parallel.  None of these is a stationary place. Only difference is, negative is undesirable and cautionary whereas positive is desirable and delighting.

In the wake of being positive, one cannot suppress or ignore the negative. Because repression or ignorance will feed the negative more than its acceptance. So, accept the negative, watch it, consider it and then put it to the side to make alternate choice i.e. positive.

The path to positive lies through negative. Till you completely understand negative and accept its existence, being positive is just a cliché or a fancy.

There can be no positive without negative. Like the two sides of same coin, they co-exist. You can never separate both, one comes with another. The only difference is of choice. Which face would you like to see? What is more desirable!

Undesirable, it might be but negative is as much a Truth as is Positive. And Truth can never be hidden or suppressed for long.

So, to say that be positive is not a matter of picking sides. It is a decision to make an effort towards the good despite of knowing and acknowledging the challenges in making the choice.

The Love of Positive cannot exist with the Hate of Negative…