...the second day of playgroup!

Today was the second day of Srijan’s playgroup and I experienced his fear, anxiety and sadness. First day went in amazement and excitement and on day two, it all settled down. The reality hit hard and the anxiety took place of excitement. He did not want to let me go away from his sight. He cried, panicked and came running in my lap. I could feel his silent sobs coming through his core and in my arms he soon got settled since he found his comfort touch, his trust and his known fragrance.

Nothing I would say was good enough to make him go to the class room without me. He wanted me around, so I went again to his class room. There he played for a while with other fellow children, keeping a watchful eye on me as well. I know what he wants and what he needs. He want his mother to be around him till he feels comfortable enough to let go, till he trusts the world the way he trusts his mother. Every child wants that. Some get on with it early, some take a bit longer and some take forever. Don’t know how much time Srijan will take, but I want to give him all that time he needs.

No one could trust me so much as my children do. And my success as a mother is in keeping this trust till I die. I know it is not easy because I also need to ensure that they learn to trust themselves so they grow up confident; and they learn to trust the world around them so they grow up feeling secure even when their mother is not around.