This is not acceptable

My mind has been full of questions, unanswered for a very long time. And I seek answers to questions raised from work sphere, the general life conditions and events that happen around.

Why as a society, we lack professional values in all work areas?

Why as a nation, we accept poor performing govt. and poorly managed companies?

Why as individuals, we accept and tolerate the lame excuses?

The answer, I realise is way simpler and lies in the very life we live every day. I read somewhere that home is the first school for a child. Well, it is the most significant school as well, not just when we are children, but throughout life. What have we been taught by way of behaviour!

What I mean to say is that how often and how much do we teach our children the meaning of passion, commitment, integrity, honesty, patience, preservance, truth, and loyalty by way of our actions, by way of everyday life that we live? Look back in your childhood and see how often your own parents or elders have shown you the examples of these values in daily life. How often they have gone out of the way to honour their words, commitments?

When our lives and our actions do not convey the values to our younger ones, any number of preaching will not help. We will end up bringing up a confused generation, which will be ready to accept the lowest standard of life with distorted value system. So, see within or see around and you would understand why societies and nations get weakened to the levels that everything is acceptable to people till it reaches a level that no one can breathe anymore, and then too we are clueless as to what to do. How come, such corruption seeps so much in our daily lives. We let it happen by way of our silent acceptance, because we have lost that sensitivity of lack of values around us.

And no one has done as much in making us insensitive but our own homes, where we are insensitive to the significance of people around us, people who we claim to be most important for our lives. People, who if we lose, we will cry years for. Yes, we will realise the importance after losing. That is the level of our sensitivity!

But what do we do every day unconsciously? We seek an easy and comfortable stance to everything; be careless about the concerns of people around us; take them for granted; hurt their feelings and in turn make them insensitive in the entire process.

We do not realise that human mind applies the learning from one experience to all future situations. And so, if we accept the wrong in one small matter, we are getting ourselves ready for accepting the wrong in the bigger, wider arena of society and world. We end up making two kinds of people – one who have switched off or numbed their minds and others who are full of rage and frustration. Both the kinds are not good for a healthy positive society that provides for the happiness and higher good of each person.

It is time we rise up and say, “this is not acceptable” to every breach of values. However miniscule and insignificant it may seem. If we do not do that, we lose the right to complain when it becomes a big monster.