Those who receive those who ask

Giving is said to be a virtue, and so we all strive to be givers. Giving makes us feel good about ourselves, its uplifting, satisfying and motivating too because each one of strive to reach a place in life where we can give to ourselves and to others.

We say that it takes a big heart to be a giver. We glorify the givers in the world and we wish that the world have more givers.

But I am thinking of the other end of the spectrum today. I am thinking of the receivers, without whom there can be no givers. Those who receive those who ask.

We are all receivers, we all ask of thousand things from God, the almighty, the universe or a supreme power (whichever name we use to call it). However, seldom do we realize the power of asking, the grace it brings to us, the strength it creates in us all.

If giving is matter of big heart, asking or receiving is a matter of grace, a mature mind and an even bigger heart. It is a matter of grounding our being, leaving our ego and achieving something deeper and more important than the pride; it is gaining our innocence and accepting the fact that we need each other to reach our unlimited being, our maximum potential.

I recall a dialogue from the movie “Border” where the character played by Jacky shroff says to the character of Sunny Deol, “Tum hi tum ho to kya tum ho, hum hi hum hain, to kya hum hain“.

If you think that the giver is powerful, try giving to someone who doesn’t want to receive from you. Then you will realize how powerless the giver is without anyone to receive. This is not a game of power. Like everything else in life, giving and receiving is the flow, and life is in the Flow. So, the receiver holds as much power as the receiver. In a society where there are all receivers and no giver, it is impoverished society and where there are more givers and no receivers, it is wasted and frustrated society. one can not flourish without the other.

I respect all religions but there is one key element of sikhs that I love the most. It is “Seva” and “Langar”. They would serve the community, the masses and feed the group of people. I have had the experience of eating food in Langar. Its called “Prasad” because you receive it in all humility and with lot of grace. And those who give the food are doing “Seva”. They are “Sevadaar”. There is no pride or the sense of being big. There is sheer grace, peace, innocence and purity. 

Every religion has its own way of instilling this sense of receiving grace in its own way. In Islam, when one prays the hand are cupped in front as if one is receiving something in hands. When we go to a Hindu temple, we extend both our hands to receive the “Prasad”.

If you ever notice, it happens to most of us. When it rains, we extend our open palms to receive the grace from heaven, just to feel the blessings of receiving.

We may not realize it, but we need to receive in order to survive. Every breath, every moment is a reminder of how much our existence depends on everything around us, the air, water, food, love and kindness, warmth, safety & security.

I have heard quite often about people that they are self made. To me it’s the biggest lie. There is nothing in this world that is self made. No one ever can be self made. Who we are, is a sum of millions of circumstances, people, situations, experiences, prayers, and efforts. Then, how come we are self made. This concept of achievement is just a fuel for breeding false ego, to isolate us further from those who are giving us constantly. To deny our gratitude to the world and to fall from Grace.

And then at some point, we feel like it is a sin to ask. As if we are born with everything that sustains us. Truth is, our very existence reminds us of receiving and giving every second, with every breath. The isn’t it our foolishness to keep ourselves from asking for help when we need it. Isn’t it our ignorance that we feel small in asking for something?

Only if we could be in our grace, in our truth, in our humility to live life. We would then realize the divine in each one of us. We would then know that a small act of reaching out and asking someone for direction is like acknowledging divine element in other because we are showing our trust in the other to show us the right direction.

Only if we learn how to receive, we will have the supreme residing right inside us and not out there somewhere. Without learning to receive, we would never know what it is to give.

To those who receive, who ask…

The Love of Positive

We have heard more often, “Be Positive” think good, visualize good and positive; as a mantra for happiness and achieving the balance in life.

However, this is just half the work done…rest half lies in managing the Negative. The negative thoughts, ideas, feelings might be totally undesirable, but they hold equal possibility. In fact, the human mind is wired to catch the negative thoughts more and without any effort. Therefore, it is a task to move towards positive and train the mind to bring hope than despair.

Before we jump on the positive train to leave the station of Negative, it is important to know that both negative and positive are the possibilities and move parallel.  None of these is a stationary place. Only difference is, negative is undesirable and cautionary whereas positive is desirable and delighting.

In the wake of being positive, one cannot suppress or ignore the negative. Because repression or ignorance will feed the negative more than its acceptance. So, accept the negative, watch it, consider it and then put it to the side to make alternate choice i.e. positive.

The path to positive lies through negative. Till you completely understand negative and accept its existence, being positive is just a cliché or a fancy.

There can be no positive without negative. Like the two sides of same coin, they co-exist. You can never separate both, one comes with another. The only difference is of choice. Which face would you like to see? What is more desirable!

Undesirable, it might be but negative is as much a Truth as is Positive. And Truth can never be hidden or suppressed for long.

So, to say that be positive is not a matter of picking sides. It is a decision to make an effort towards the good despite of knowing and acknowledging the challenges in making the choice.

The Love of Positive cannot exist with the Hate of Negative…


A birthday wish

Keep going dear heart,
Keep going…

There are lessons to learn,
Experience to earn…
Keep going…

There are miles to go,
Seeds to sow…
Keep going…

There are dreams to fulfill,
Adventures to thrill…
Keep going…

There are pains to share,
Hearts to care…
Keep going…

There’s beauty to explore,
Life is forever more…
Keep going, dear heart,
Keep going…

In here and now

“Follow your heart”, is such a cliché and has started to feel a bit unreal and distracting. It has become a statement to confuse some and to put some in utter misery and an endless chase to find happiness.

Instead, I find it simple to know my heart and do what needs done because many times in life there are greater requirements than fulfilling the desires of a fickle heart.

Duty before Desire never makes anyone unhappy…

Cut the chase of any kind, even happiness… Chase means you are trying to be somewhere else all the time, ending up being nowhere. For some time just be in here and now and do what needs done.


Today is a strange day. Something happened when I was downstairs for my evening walk. I met four lizards in a span of less than five minutes on the road.

When the first one was rushing towards road, just close to my foot it scurried back away in the dark. I said, “where are you coming dear. the road is not a safe place for you”. (yes, I literally spoke to the lizard)

A few steps ahead, I met the second lizard, rushing across the road. Thankfully, it was in the side, safe from any danger of getting trampled.

On the next turn, I met the third one. It wasn’t as lucky. It was just slowly limping away to the side of the road after its tail was run over by a passing car.

And then, just a few steps ahead, I saw another. Dead and crushed on the road by a car.

The sight of crushed and hurt lizards shook me. As if i could feel the pain and loss. I, who has always been scared of lizards since childhood and would scream and jump at the very sight of them, felt the pain for Lizards, the fear that they might be feeling living amidst a city where their existence is in constant danger.

I remember Papa used to tell me that I do not need to be scared of lizards because they are more scared than me. But I could never shake off my fear. Today, I wan’t the one afraid. I could somehow feel their fear, their hurt.

Since then I have been wondering as to why it happened? Why I met these four lizards today, like this? What it meant?


Is it to understand the fragility of all life? or is it to understand how some lives are the collateral damage in human progress?

And, now I realize what it meant?

It taught me what fear is, and what makes us human one of the most powerful and evolved of all species on planet?

Fear is a natural survival instinct in all living beings. It is to sharpen our senses and to keep us safe. Fear is something that is common in all living beings including human. Every being has the ability to be fearful, and to act for one’s survival. In fear, we are all alike. be it a lizard or a girl.

What makes us human more evolved is the ability to move beyond fear. To create something that is more powerful than fear that gives us the ability to combat fear and thrive. Our kindness, compassion and the ability to love is what evolves us.

We are not powerful when we conquer the world, create machines and instruments, build fortress and marvels, and accumulate money. We are most powerful when we love; when we connect with another being and the entire universe; when we feel the pain, shed a tear and still gather ourselves to move on and smile again. When each last hurt makes us stronger and fearless.

What can I say for the poor lizards, except I am not afraid anymore because I can feel your fear, your pain? I wish I could do something about it…