To you Dear Brother

My brother asked me the whereabouts of a book on Lenin and his museum in Leningrad and Moscow. And it brought a lot of memories along, which were hiding somewhere in some corner of the mind, waiting to vanish forever.

It was a book I won as prize for writing essay on Indo-Russia friendship, when I was in seventh grade, perhaps! As my brother puts it, it had glossy pages and beautiful photographs and the illustration about Lenin’s life. In the age of no internet, not as much T.V., this book was an inspiration to dream beyond and see the world and all its beautiful places. I do not know where that lovely book is, but just thinking of it brings lot of smiles and happy moments back.

How amazing is that I almost forgot about a lot of things, I forgot that I used to write and I loved to write. And now I remember that I even wrote a small play when I was in seventh grade or eight perhaps. It’s a shame that a lot of unnecessary and unimportant stuff has drowned out what used to be most meaningful, most essential in life. Guess I am not the only one who would feel that way!

I remember a dialogue from “Lunchbox” movie where Sajan Fernandez (Irfan Khan) writes to his lady friend (Nimrat Kaur) that we tend to forget all that about our lives that we do not tell anyone….how true!!

Thank you my darling brother for asking that one question about that book and bringing back so many lovely memories! Thank you for bringing back a part of me, a very important part.

I know what I need to do now.