Existential Coaching

Change is the only constant in life, and so is the uncertainty that comes with the fact that we have little control over how the change is going to manifest. We can not manage the change. We can manage ourselves during the transitional phase of the change. And in order to better manage ourselves, we need to first know who we are, what are our capabilities, talents, strengths, weaknesses. We need to learn to manage how we work and how we can be our best versions.  

Existential coaching  Coaching focuses on:

  • Self Exploration and Self Expression;
  • Mindful Living;
  • Cultivating Mindset for Change;
  • Going beyond blocks and self sabotage.

Coaching Spectrum

Personal Coaching

One on one interaction session with the coach

Action Learning Workshop

Self Awareness and Expression (Deep learning workshop on self experience and expression)

Discussion Forums/ Groups

Sharing of and listening to the ideas, experiences and stories with people with similar interest of life situations.

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